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Novaturient (adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation



Both our schools are SEMH special educational needs schools, Novaturient School and Ness Point School are both registered to deliver alternative education to students aged 11 to 16. This means that as an education provider we can offer support for a wider range of students across Norfolk and Suffolk.

All our students currently have Educational Health Care Plans to support both their social and emotional needs as well as their academic progression. Each student is going through their own unique life path demonstrating different stages within that educational journey, both socially, emotionally and academically.

Here at PCT Education we feel this needs an individual approach to the curriculum allowing us to meet all students' needs alongside stretching their ability.

Social and Emotional Learning

Addressing negative behavior fundamentally keeps people safe, but it is also essential to develop a seamless way to address the gaps in social and emotional development, so students are better equipped to manage life changes. Some schools promote academic achievement as their overall objective and see this as more important than building emotional intelligence and equipping students with the ability to participate in society. We believe that until these gaps are addressed, students will not be equipped with key life skills such as; keeping themselves safe, developing motivation, and aspirations, and encouraging a learning mindset. Therefore we believe social and emotional learning should have as much emphasis in the curriculum as other subjects, if not more.

Our Schools

Novaturient School

Novaturient School in Great Yarmouth has been open for 5 years and is currently graded Good. Novaturient School has built a positive reputation for meeting the needs of SEN children across Norfolk and Suffolk. We provide small classes, with tailored learning that meets the individual at their starting point, using creative out of the box lessons to bridge gaps in education and social and emotional regulation.

novaturient school
Ness Point School

Ness Point School

Ness Point School has been open since September 2021, recently gaining Good (with an outstanding element in Personal Development) following a full Ofsted inspection. Ness Point School offers the same opportunities as Novaturient School, and is based in Lowestoft.

Curriculum Intent

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Teaching model, appropriate behaviours and apply positive reinforcement to reduce the need to manage negative behaviour.

1. Strong baseline to map progression and bridge gaps in learning.

2. Ambitious curriculum that meets individual needs.

3. Creative delivery through structured schemes of works (SOW).

4. CPD's promoting expert subject knowledge.

5. SOW demonstrate the transfer of key knowledge to long-term memory.

6. Social and emotional education delivery is embedded and recorded.

7. Rewards and consequences are leading to positive choices.

8. Reading forms an important part of the timetable.