Everything we do and everything we say.
This is what drives our school culture.


We believe that all young people have the right to be happy, healthy, and safe, make friends, and be valued and respected. This allows them to achieve high aspirations in the future.

A culture of mutual trust and respect between colleagues fosters effective relationships that support a professional environment. School leaders invest in staff development and this directly relates to pupils' outcomes.

All involved are proud to be part of PCT Education Services and students respect and positively promote their school to others.

Data demonstrates high-quality teaching has a long-term positive effect on all pupils' life chances. Students will have moved on to positive post 16 positions.


It is our core purpose to provide a safe and trusted environment that develops individual, social, and emotional development alongside providing the curriculum that allows all students no matter what their starting point or personal circumstance, to achieve their full learning potential.

We will achieve this through school leaders and all staff maintaining high expectations, high-quality professional development, care for the individual, and creative and innovative approaches to curriculum design and pedagogy.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’

Nelson Mandela

Our Values


We respect the differences of others and promote equality, understanding, and tolerance. Our school code of conduct highlights the four areas of respect and is used to promote positive information and identify appropriate behavior.

Respect others; yourselves; your environment; and your school's reputation.


We promote positive reinforcement that builds confidence not to give up, developing the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. We provide a safe place where we promote the ability to try again, celebrate achievements, and provide the opportunity to try new things, promoting learning opportunities that build future aspirations.


Everyone has rights, if we do not behave responsibly, we may lose some of those rights. We promote celebrating the magic of difference, maintaining appropriate friendships, and keeping ourselves safe, this is a core value that is embedded across our curriculum.


We all need to take responsibility for our actions, our learning, and our future outcomes. This is an important value to maintain throughout life.


We need to reflect on our actions when things go wrong in order to improve them next time. We need to reflect on our actions when things go right in order to repeat them.